Dog Psychology - Leadership

A dog finds security with a strong leader (That’s you!)

Now don’t mistake strong leadership for being a bully. A gentle, quietly spoken person can command as much, if not more, attention from a dog than someone who shouts - after all, dogs have excellent hearing so there really is no need to shout.

In a dog’s world leadership is all about guidance, love, and security, and it doesn’t bear saying too many times that it’s a sense of security born out of consistency. Your leadership is about setting a daily routine, about letting the dog know what the rules are, telling him he did well when he did what you wanted and letting him know when and where he went wrong.

To do this, you have to know the rules yourself and stick to them. You also need to decide on a set of command cues and abide by them. Do you spot a theme here? Consistency!

Trivia Tip: Dogs are always looking for ways to please their owner.