First Aid - Chocolate Toxicity

What is Chocolate Toxicity?

Chocolate contains theobromine which is toxic to cats and dogs. It causes over-excitement, a racing heart, labored breathing, seizures, sickness and diarrhea, and death.

First Aid Action

Make a note of how much chocolate the pet ate. Either use a chocolate toxicity calculator or phone the vet to check if this is a toxic amount.

If eaten within 2 hours, either take the pet to the vet for an injection to make them vomit (for cats this is the only safe option), or give 1-2 ml per kg body weight of 3% hydrogen peroxide by mouth, to make the pet sick (dogs only).

If the chocolate was eaten more than 2 hours previously give activated charcoal, 1 – 5 g per kg body weight, by mouth - to line the bowel and reduce absorption from the intestine. If symptoms such as over excitement or a racing heartbeat develop, contact the vet immediately

Even a small amount of chocolate can cause sickness and diarrhea. Starve the pet for 12- 24 hours and then feed a bland diet for two days, until the feces return to normal.