Solo Dog Walking

There are many reasons why it’s sometimes best to walk a dog alone. 

Perhaps your pet is older or unable to keep up with the more energetic pups, or they may not enjoy being sociable around other dogs.

 30 Minutes                                        £8

 1 Hour                                              £11

Group Dog Walking

While some dogs are best suited for solo dog walks, others are good at socialising with other dogs. We carefully place them in small groups for their walks. We haven't forgotten that dogs come from 'pack' backgrounds and are most happy when running free with other dogs.

(minimum 2 dogs - maximum 4 dogs).

 1 Hour                                                               £10

Day Care

Doggy daycare - our favorite!! It is a service, where the dog and carer will spend the day together. We are happy to take care of your dog while you're at work or unavailable for the day.

Your dog(s) will be picked up at a requested time from your home and then dropped off on the same day as the care. Doggy day care lasts maximum 8 hours and in the meantime your dog will be able to remain comfortable and secure in their own home and/or enjoy walks with more doggies!

 Your furry friends will get frequent toilet breaks, plenty of playtime, and lots of love!

If you would like to book doggy day care, please get in touch, for your day and time slot. 

 8 Hours Service                                £25 

30 Minutes - 1 Visit Per Day                                                £8

30 Minutes - 2 Visits per Day                                               £15

Puppy Care

Puppies who are left alone for long periods of time will develop a catalogue of behavioural problems such as barking issues, chewing, and even aggression - these are highly regular outcomes of dogs who are lacking in stimulation. They become bored, nervous, lonely and scared and they show this by what the untrained eye may see as ‘naughtiness’.

A pup needs to know his place in the world and we can assist you with this while you are away, with our adhering to the training and routine which you have already implemented. We do not simply come to let your dog in or out and scoop the poop, We want your dog to be happy with our presence and this will mean lots of play, cuddles and affection – as well as the changing of puppy pads!

Pet Home Visits - Dog or Cat

We are not saying, that there is anything wrong with professional boarding accommodation, but it does not suite all animals. Like humans, animals get used to where they are and a daily routine and can react adversely if all of that changes, even if it is only for a few days or a week or two. So, why not let us step in and give a kind of temporary fostering service in your own home, not ours. It really can work to everyone’s benefit with the welfare of your pet being the most important factor - after all, they get to sleep in their own bed and eat their usual brand and amount of food. We will only feed and water them to your specifications, administrate medications if required, poop scooping, pad changing, cat litter box changing, plus lots of cuddles and fun! We can always take your dog out for a short walk in the local area IF you want us to do so. 

30 Minutes - 1 Visit Per Day                                                £8

30 Minutes - 2 Visits per Day                                               £15

Paw Patrol

Pet Services

In case you have any enquiry or you wish to speak with us regarding rates for multiple dog services, please get in touch with us, by calling 07709262804 and we will be glad to help!